June 2022 – Read our full report of concerns that was sent to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration. You can also read the HART-proposed and Honolulu City Council-approved 2022 Recovery Plan and the 2021 Auditor’s Report.

Membership on the HART board (current and former, respectively) has provided us with insights that we believe you ought to be aware of as you review the plan, although please note we are providing these comments in our individual capacities and not as representatives of the HART board. We have laid out our response in the same format as HART’s plan, with the hope that it will aid in your analysis.

Highlights of our concerns are:

  • Aggressive revenue projections that will likely lead to shortfalls;
  • Cost estimates that only have a 65% chance of being right;
  • Ridership estimates that are too high
  • A lack of consideration and discussion of options

Promises made to the residents and taxpayers of Oahu have been broken several times over the past few years. Public trust continues to be very low with respect to HART, while accountability has been elusive.

Nearly 200 people have signed this petition opposing HART’s Recovery Plan and support additional scrutiny by the FTA.


Joe Uno is a former HART board member and Natalie Iwasa currently serves as an appointed, non-voting member of HART’s board. Click on their names to read more.

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