VOICE OF REASON & RECONCILIATION. As a supporter of multi-modal mass transit, Joe Uno served for a year as a volunteer on the HART board bringing his skills as a professional construction cost estimator and project manager to the beleaguered rail project. He quickly discovered that building Honolulu’s rail line was less of a critical public works project for the greater good and more of a political endeavor to provide benefits to a small group of special interests. Rail had lost track of its higher purpose to connect communities within 10 years for $5 billion.

a Wall Street Journal report had this to say…

“Honolulu’s elevated rail line shows how badly municipalities can stumble in tackling giant infrastructure projects, especially when they’re powered by political urgency.”

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Who We Are

We are a coalition of citizens who believe we’ve been taken for a ride for far too long. We demand sensible solutions to Honolulu’s rail. We believe in mass transit and that a rail line within reason could improve the quality of life of Oahu’s people if they opt to ride it.

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Why We Care

Oahu is our island home and continuous construction issues compounded by budget overruns, costly legal crises and leadership turnover are unacceptable. Our families and communities are ultimately paying for it.

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What We Believe

We believe that the rail line should be reassessed, alternative solutions explored and other state’s experiences should inform our process. Union strongholds and project profiteers must realize that money and jobs reallocated to other city projects will help our economy thrive.

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Elevate the conversation, get rail on track once and for all


Rail Fail

What happens when you throw good money at an idea that just gets worse at every turn? $5 billion become $10+ billion plus another 10 years.



City Council leaders removed professional cost estimator and rail critic Joe Uno from the HART Board. And replaced him with a movie maker.

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Plan C

Plan C requires creativity, courage and conversation with communities and a new course of action.

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